Save Money & Help Reduce Global Warming By Switching To LPG!

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Is LPG Safe?

LPG is arguably safer than any other form of fuel used to power motor vehicles. What’s more, LPG tanks are much stronger than conventional petrol tanks, while strict national standards and state government regulations control the installation and use of LPG.

 Is LPG environmentally friendly?

As well as defending you against the rising price of unleaded, LPG can also help defend the environment. With around 20% less ozone forming potential, between 10% and 15% lower greenhouse gas emissions and one-fifth air toxic emissions, LPG powered vehicles emit significantly fewer pollutants than their petrol-powered equivalents.

• Amongst the lowest life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of all commercially available automotive fuels

• Insignificant levels of sulphur dioxide emissions, the main cause of acid rain

• Extremely low particulate emissions produced during combustion.

Does LPG affect performance?

The latest LPG injection technologies, available in both factory and retrofit installations, ensure that LPG provides performance and fuel economy comparable with contemporary petrol powered engines. (In addition, using LPG reduces engine wear – which is probably one of the reasons why it’s the preferred fuel in around 15,000 taxis).