When a car won’t start, that really sucks, but when a car won’t stop..

The brakes are the most important system in your car. If one of your car’s systems fails altogether, you don’t want it to be your brakes! Also, delaying a brake check can lead to more costly repairs, such as worn pads damaging your rotors.

Leaking, squeaking, grinding, grabbing, dragging, shaking, vibrating, squealing, pulling to one side, sticking pedal or hard to push…it might seem the brakes are an integral system of many potential sounds and symptoms functioning together. Don’t seek a brake diagnosis online, it’s best to have a master mechanic, like Romeo at Alampayan Automotive, look at them.

Also, while we can get or install any o.e.m. part you want, we can usually go with an off-brand and often save you money. We won’t install any part, however, unless it meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications.

Call now or stop by for a brake inspection or a price quote.

How your brakes work:

Your brakes are part of a system: you push down on your brake pedal, this activates a cylinder that releases brake fluid. This fluid goes through your brake hose to your calipers, which applies pressure and activates your brake pads. Your brake pads push on the rotors, which are directly connected to the tire, and this stops your tire from spinning.

What is ABS?

This is from German, antiblockiersystem.or Anti-Lock Braking System. This keeps your tire from locking up and skidding, which can cause you to lose control. Newer versions of ABS can electronically control the front-to-rear brake bias, which adds control and stopping power!

Why call Alampayan Automotive?

You will get a fair price on both parts and labor. All of our parts meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. If you need brakes in Mt Druitt, all we want is the opportunity to quote you!

ABS, Brakes, rotors, ,master cylinder, drums, shoes, discs, front and rear, hoses, diagnostics…we know what these words mean, and what they do!