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It’s important to know basic information about the clutch system in your car so that you can understand when something is wrong. There are some common problems people experience and if you know what to look for, you know when you need our mechanics to get your clutch system back in shape.

Parts of the clutch system

  • Automotive clutch – connects and disconnects a manual transmission from a power source

  • Flywheel – between the engine and transmission to transfer power

  • Pressure plate – part in the clutch system that connects to the engine

Know the warning signs of a malfunctioning clutch

  • Slipping clutch – Material has worn down on the clutch disc and causes a slipping effect

  • Clutch chatter – shaking or shuddering that may happen when the clutch is being used

  • Clutch drag – when your clutch doesn’t completely release when your pedal is fully depressed