Alamapayan Automotive has the very latest in techniques and equipment to properly diagnose and repair your problem,whether or not you are driving one of today’s sophisticated engines.


  • NOISES – Knocking, rattling, squeaking, ticking, and tapping noises. Possible causes are faulty connecting rod or bearing, main bearing, crankshaft, oil pump, clogged oil pump pick up screen, lifters/ tappets, rocker arm, camshaft, pushrod, timing chain, timing belt, timing belt pulleys, timing belt idler.
  • LEAKS – Dark colored spots on the driveway. Possible causes are faulty oil pan gasket, rear main seal, timing cover gasket/seal, cylinder head gasket, camshaft seals, intake manifold gasket, valve cover gasket, oil cooler (if equipped).
  • SMOKE – Blue or white smoke from the tailpipe or under the hood. Possible causes are faulty piston rings, piston, cylinder head gasket, valve seal, valve guide, intake manifold, intake manifold gasket, pcv valve
  • POWER LOSS – Just doesn’t have the get up and go it used to have. Possible causes are piston rings, valves, valve job, camshaft timing, timing belt, timing gear, timing chain, camshaft, ignition timing, fuel mixture, low compression
  • OIL CONSUMPTION – Engine oil has to be added frequently between oil changes. Possible causes are faulty piston rings, valve seals, valve guides, cylinder wall wear, pcv valve, intake manifold gasket.