The transmission in your vehicle is what makes shifting gears and driving at different speeds possible. It is easily one of the most complicated components in your car, truck or SUV. When it is not working properly you may notice excessive vibrations at higher speeds or a stuttering between gears. You should also check the health of your transmission fluid as it serves to protect the moving components in your transmission. If you have a transmission leak you might notice liquid pooling under your parked car.

Several conditions can lead to a leak in your transmission system. If a transmission fluid flush is not performed when it is needed it can cause damage to your transmission system such as the seals, clutches brake bands and gears. This is because your transmission fluid lubrication properties are reduced over time due to wear, contamination and contact with the air.

Transmission Maintenance Mount Druitt

We can check your transmission fluid and let you know when you can expect to perform a transmission fluid flush. Your manufacturer has suggestions regarding when you should have a transmission fluid flush done to your vehicle but it is important to keep in mind that these are under ideal conditions. When you are operating your vehicle during extreme weather conditions such as high heat and dusty winds, it can significantly reduce times between recommended service intervals.

When you bring your vehicle to Alampayan Automotive , we can perform a vehicle inspection any time you think there may be an issue with your transmission. We can check the fluid and take it for a test drive. From here we can determine what issue you may be experiencing. When we check your transmission fluid, we will look for any type of discoloration, a dark red color can show that your transmission fluid is getting hotter than it should or if the transmission fluid is milky pink, this can indicate that there is cross contamination occurring within your vehicle which can cause larger problems with your vehicle.

So when you think you might be experiencing issues with your transmission or you think that your vehicle may not be operating as well as it should, give us a call at Alampayan Automotive and we’ll be happy to care of all your automotive needs, whatever the may be.