Get a complete oil change and lube job at Alampayan Automotive!

We also inspect the following:

  • Inspect battery terminals
  • Coolant, coolant level & hoses
  • Transmission fluid & level
  • Drive belts
  • Tire wear & inflation
  • Visually inspect undercarriage
  • Lube chassis (unless sealed)

Changing the fluids in your car is a serious matter. Most of the internal parts in your car never even touch each other! A thin layer of oil separates them, preventing, or slowing, “wear and tear”.

Also, with old, dirty oil comes friction…and with friction comes heat. Heat, especially in a climate like Sydney, can be a serious danger to your car. This can cause damage, or reduce the life of your engine.

Regularly scheduled oil changes are an absolute necessity for the life of your vehicle.

Give your car it’s needed TLC at Alampayan Automotive. Just stop by or call.
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Consider an oil change/lube job to be like a healthy diet for your car. It is preventative maintenance, lessening your car’s chances of getting sick. Also, regularly scheduled oil changes can greatly increase the life of your engine. It’s also a quick check-up for many of your car’s components that might need attention.

At Alampayan Automotive, we are well versed in the ins and outs of all vehicles, car or truck, foreign and domestic. When you choose to spend your hard earned dollars with us, your car will be getting to know a true mechanic!