On today’s vehicles, there are plenty of issues that can be disguise by the use of computers that are designed to keep the engine running. With that being said, it is your responsibility to make sure that someone manually inspects your vehicle on a regular basis. Below are some tips that you can use to your advantage to determine whether you need a vehicle tune up or not.

Hard Starting

This is generally the most common thing that occurs when your car needs a tune up. It is generally the culprit of a car not receiving enough maintenance. If you notice that the engine cranks then your electrical system is okay but it could be an issue with a starting sensor or your choke. If you notice that your car consistently fails to start, it could be the responsibility of an ignition problem.

Ignition Knocking

When your ignition starts knocking it is something that is relatively difficult to not hear. When your engine starts to experience stress, it will begin to make a relatively loud knocking noise. This could be a result of inferior gas in your vehicle or it could mean that your engine requires attention as a buildup of carbon could be prevalent. This is another indicator that you may require a tune up.

Power Loss

If you notice that your car starts but it has difficulty with staying running, your fuel filter could be experiencing problems. In the majority of circumstances having a dirty filter is the most common reason for cars losing power and you may also notice that your vehicle is receiving poor gas mileage.

Bad Gas Mileage

As previously mentioned, having bad gas mileage could be a result of a dirty fuel filter but it could also be a sign that your engine is becoming less efficient. Considering that gas is quite expensive, it is important to ensure that your vehicle acquires a tune up on a regular basis to ensure that it is using fuel effectively.

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